Tips to Design Your Dining Room

Tips to Design Your Dining Room

Dining room gets a lot of attention as it is where you enjoy your daily meals as well as entertain your family and friends. It needs to be highly functional and well designed to fits your styles and needs. A well-designed dining room is likely to inspire you to dine there more often. However, if your dining room does not match your lifestyle, there is always other ways of improving the look. Here are some tips to design your dining room.

1. Choose your dining table carefully

Tips to Design Your Dining RoomThe dining is the primary furniture in the dining room and having a proportional table for your dining room is critical. Proportion is one of the golden rules in decoration and having well-scaled furniture brings a feeling of comfort and ease in your room. A good rectangle table should be about 36 inches wide and should be placed at a minimum of 30” and up to 48” from the wall to allow traffic flow. You can also have an oval space as it is very efficient shape since the rounded ends allow for less wasted spaces between diners. Ensure that you select the right table to ensure that it provide enough space to all the family members. It should also allow easy passing to dishes around the table.

2. User proper lighting

Having a good lighting plan highlights good decoration work and improves the mood as well as the emotional temperature in the room. Ensure that you chose the right types of lighting and install them correctly. One of the most common lighting in the dining room is the ambient lighting and the ceiling light that you normally switch on the first walk into the room to generally illuminate the room.

3. use matching colors in the room

Tips to Design Your Dining RoomWhile designing your room ensure that you adopt matching colors. Note that the color of your room plays a major role in developing an appetite. Some colors like orange, yellow, green and red tend to improve the mood and increases the appetite. These colors can also be used to create a lively atmosphere for dinner table conversations.

4. Accessorize

Tips to Design Your Dining RoomWall arts offer a great way of improving your dining room. Today’s market is full of a wide variety of ready to hang artwork that fit your design and color scheme. Mirrors can also be used to make space feel more expansive. Placing a sculptural bowl on a table when not in use and filling void corners of the dining room with a beautiful plant is a good trick, which can be used to anchor the room and make it more interesting.

5. Storage Space

Have a built-in cabinet in the dining room to store cutlery. This help to save space in the dining room as well give it a sophisticated look.

Final Verdict

Use the above tips to design attractive dining room and improve appetite for food as well as improve conversations. Make sure that the room is always clean. The cloth material used in the cleaning dining room should be spill-proof to ease maintenance and save time during cleaning.