Top 3 Restaurants In Reykjavik

The Top 3 Restaurants In Reykjavik

Reykjavik has been said to be one of the best places in the world for those who love their food. From game and meat, to local seafood, right through to contemporary cuisines and the well known Icelandic hot dog, food lovers are sure to find something that will satisfy them. If you are visiting this fine location for the first time and not sure where to eat out, we have come up with the Top 3 Restaurants In Reykjavik. We hope these restaurants interest you:

1. The DILL Restaurant

Top 3 Restaurants In ReykjavikThe DILL Restaurant can be found on the boarders of Vatnsmyri. Vatnsmri is located in Rekjjavik’s wetland and wild bird reserve. Diners will find it in Noridic House. Here you will be able to enjoy a wide range of delicious dishes. The restaurant also showcases the local food cultures and ingredients. The main chef of this amazing restaurant is Gunnar Karl Gislason. Olafur Orn Olafasson also cooks here. For lunch, diners can enjoy a meal that comes with a contemporary twist. This may include plokkfiskur and meatballs or a delicious fish stew. The menu for dinner will change on a weekly basis. It comes with three, five and seven courses that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. A wine list is also available to take advantage of. The Dill Restaurant is open from Wednesday through to Saturday from 7 pm to 10 pm.

2. The Fiskfelagid Restaurant

Top 3 Restaurants In ReykjavikWhen visiting Reykjavik, a the Fiskelagid Restaurant is a must. It is located in a Zimsen building that has been around ever since the year 1884. When the restaurant was first developed, it was sitting a few streets away from the Zimsen building. The Zimsen building can be found underneath a delicate bridge. This intriguing restaurant offers a large number of seafood and fish dishes. These can come from all around the world. Dinners can also enjoy snacking the local salted cod, the Malaysian inspired blackened monkfish with lobster spring roll, or its burnt langoustines. The Fiskfelagid Restaurant is opened from Monday through to Friday. Lunch hours 11.30 am to 2 pm. Dinner hours from 5.30 pm to 1 am. It is also open on Saturday’s from 5.30 pm to 1 am and Sunday’s from 5.30 pm to 12 am.

3. The Baejarins Beztu Pylsur Restaurant

Top 3 Restaurants In ReykjavikThe Baejarins Beztu Pylsur Restaurant is located on the habour side of the hot dog stand in downtown Reykjavik. It has been around since the year 1937. It really is the best place if you are looking for a cheap, fast and delicious snack. Ideal for Iceland’s iconic hot dog. This hot dog comes with a mixture of lam, pork or beef. The food from this place is ideal for the weekend treat that is sure to keep you full until your next main meal. It is open from Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 1 am. Friday to Saturday from 10 am to 4.30 am and Sunday from 10 am to 12 am.
These are just the Top 3 Restaurants In Reykjavik. There are of course many others. We hope that we have convinced you to give at least one of these restaurant a try when visiting Reykjavik. We assure you that they will not disappoint.