How to Cook In Electric Pressure Cooker

How to Cook In Electric Pressure Cooker?

Electric pressure cookers are used fairly widely in many homes. These cookers have gained much appreciation from consumers because of their improvements over the years. For most people; electric pressure cookers are fast, efficient and save a lot of effort. The advantages of these cookers over other electric cookers are the main appeal for most buyers. When it comes to usage, there is a learning curve involved with pressure cookers and users must familiarize themselves with the necessary methods of using them. Thankfully, all electric pressure cookers come with detailed manuals and instructions which give their users confidence within a short time. Would you like to know how to cook in electric pressure cooker? Here are a few tips.


How to Cook In Electric Pressure CookerThe first important thing to do before cooking is to do a water test. Add sufficient water inside the pan and let it boil and release the pressure. After doing that, you can these proceed to add any liquids that you will need for cooking your food. Putting water in sufficient levels is important because that is the only way the cooker can work effectively. The cooker must also be connected to a stable power supply.

The cooking process

When it comes to the actual cooking process, you need to acquaint yourself with the menu on the cooker. The menu has all the details pertaining the different types of food. From the menu, you can specify the time need to cook as different food types have their respective cooking time in minutes. Once you have set the appropriate time needed, you can then measure the food and add it inside. Make sure you adjust the reservoir cup for releasing moisture and water. The reservoir ensures no mess is made. The lid should be placed properly by aligning the groove to its proper position. There is a button on the side which secures the lid on the pot.

Cleaning and maintenance

How to Cook In Electric Pressure CookerThe electric pressure cooker needs to be properly maintained in order to work effectively. Once the cooking is done, the cooker should be unplugged from the power source before being cleaned. There are a number of care tips needed to keep the cooker in proper condition. All the separate parts of the cooker need to be cleaned independently. The lid, pan, and seals should be cleaned often to avoid malfunction. Warm water and some cleansers are needed to achieve a thorough cleaning process.

Electric pressure cookers can be both frustrating and satisfying depending on how they are used. They can cause a disaster in the kitchen when used negligently. When used effectively, however, they are some of the best cookers around. The rule with these cookers is to keep in mind that it is always better to underestimate cooking time rather than overcook the food. They deliver tasty meals in an extremely short time. With all the information regarding these cookers floating freely around the internet, there is no excuse for not mastering the art of using electric pressure cookers. In any case, it is always convenient to use the manual for specifics.