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Looking for a new place to chill and hang out? A new bar in West Berkeley will give you a new place to groove, drink and have fun with your friends. Missouri Lounge has a lot to offer. With great food and drinks, you can enjoy your night and meet a lot of new friends. Ranging from a dollar to 5 bucks you can now enjoy a drink and stuff for your stomach.

Missouri LoungeOpen from noon till 2 in the morning, Missouri Lounge offers delicious bar food especially nachos or BLT. Missouri Lounge is also proud to offer their variety of grilled food from burgers to beef frank further. Ordering their “The Special” a whiskey shot and a PBR for $5. You can also spend your dollars to their “El Special” a tequila and a Tec ate. Be a house special or not, you will find it enticing to try their drinks and specialty.

A lot of their customers are satisfied with the service of their bartenders and up to date music played by cool DJs. There are a plenty of tables in the patio to drink and unwind with your friends. Aside from a cool place for people, you can also bring your little friends here. Missouri Patio makes it a dog friendly place. Aside from a fun place, they also offer open night every Wednesday and happy Hour every Friday night. This place is not just your typical college bar and the hippest place you can find in the place.


Missouri Lounge“One of the coolest bars in Berkeley. Great drink specials, they sell food out on the patio plus they have a DJ every night so the place rocks!!!”


“Good music and great Sunday afternoon spot for the back patio”


“Great dive bar with a dash of hipster: open mic on Wednesdays, DJ’s during the week, outside seating and nachos and burgers till midnight!”


“This is our local dive bar that serves a range of brews. There’s an outdoor patio and sometimes a DJ, too. They have a couple of T.V.s, so you can also hit this spot to watch a local game.”


“Berkeley’s best and only dive bar. There’s an outdoor patio, smoking allowed on it and they sell food. It’s an extremely social venue and one of the very few places to get a cheap drink in the bay.”



  • Burger
  • 6.00

Acme bun, mayo, tomato onion, spinach, pickle slices

  • Carnitas
  • 5.00

House recipe, house sauce, diced onion, cilantro

  • Peter Piper
  • 7.00

Acme bun, horse radish, arugula, sweet beet chips, pickled sweet pepper, havari

  • Grilled Cheese
  • 5.00

Sour dough, cheddar-jack mix, grilled to perfection

  • Hot Link (2/3 Beef. 1/2 Pork)
  • 4.00

Garlic Frank Futer (2/3 Beef, 1/3 Pork)


Mango Habanero Chicken (100 % Chicken, Pork Casi)


100% All Beef Frank Furter


Mall lil burg bites



Beef or pork or veggie


Any Hot Dog Topping Onion, Fried Onion, Spinach


Bacon, Fakon, Pork


Ham, Turkey, Avocado, Tomato


Beef Patty, Veggie Patty


So, what are you waiting for? You know where to plan your next Friday night out with your friends or your next hook up. See you at Missouri Lounge!

Top Grill Lounges In California

We are always looking for new and interesting places such as grill lounges to go out with friends, family or just for a quiet evening, but the most unanswerable question is where to go? With so many different places to choose from, how can you be sure that the grill lounge that you’re planning to go to is definitely worth it or not? In this article we are striving to provide you information regarding the top 5 Grill Lounges.

1. The California Grill Lounge

This is a good place to go to if you would like to see a beautiful view of the ocean and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. There is an opportunity if you go here that you will be able to see Magic Kingdom’s Wishes from one of the best viewing spots. This is one of the most well-known venues around and definitely worth visiting at least once.

2. The Almond Tree Grill & Lounge

This is a perfect place to go to after a long day of hard work, they offer different packages for if you want to hold a celebration at their function. They have long standing entertainers and karaoke hosts known as Bill and Lisa Ellis who are available to keep customers entertained on certain evenings during the week. If you and your friends feel like going out for a night of laughs and participating in some karaoke, then this is definitely the place to go.

3. Escena Lounge & Grill

If you are looking for an elegant evening out, then this is definitely the place to go to. They have a retro vibe with stunning designs and breath taking views, if you are like some people out there who like to take their dogs with them, then you’re in luck as this lounge has a dog friendly patio section with beautiful outdoor dining to add to your experience.

4. Hide-A-Way Lounge & Grill

This Lounge & Grill has such a unique name it makes you want to go through just to see why they decided to call it that, people of all ages are able to come through here but it has a bit more of a younger generation feel to it, with a pool room and internet juke box. They are also able to offer various packages for if you want to host any functions at their venue.

5. Grant Grill

This is another place where you can definitely go to if you want to have a glamorous evening out no matter what the occasion, on the weekends they have a lot of musical entertainers to get you up and dancing ranging from Jazz to Pop so there is definitely something for everyone. They have started something new as well which is offering e-gift cards to their customers which is a nice new addition to this already wonderful venue.

These lounges are definitely worth at least one visit each some time in your life as they cater to different needs, however the choice still belongs to you as to where you would want to go for a good time, hopefully our list has given you a bit more information that you can choose from for the next time you decide to go out.