5 Most Beautifully Designed Restaurants in California

Most Beautifully Designed Restaurants in California

When it comes to dining, California surely presents a wide and diverse range of top-notch options to pick out from. From open air places to small and dark private tables, California’s best restaurants are entitled time after time to be la crème de la crème. According to a ranking carried out by the Business Insider, if you are into fine dining, the Golden State is where you should consider moving to. The magazine combined six noteworthy lists compiled by food critics, experts and diners prior to publishing the definitive list – 16 of the top 50 restaurants all across the United States are found well around Napa Valley. See five of these eye-catching pieces of the finest architectural and gastronomical work.

1. Gary Danko – Located in San Francisco

This fine-dining restaurant goes by the name of the executive Chef. In his words, “you don’t just open a great restaurant – it’s a constant work in progress.” Seventeen years after its opening, Gary Darko continues to amaze its public with renewed menus season after season while making use of local ingredients by the techniques postulated long ago in France. The set out is spotless and customized to suit even the most demanding customer’s needs.

2. The French Laundry – Located in Yountville

The French Laundry takes a different perspective. Its history dates back to 1900 when it was built. During the 1920 it was used as a French steam laundry, the period from which it derives its current name. Apart from its historical significance, Thomas Keller changes the menus on a daily basis. His team is committed to creating French classics with the finest quality ingredients at their reach, along with a similarly intense focus on impeccable guest service.

3. Province – Located in Los Angeles

Province new and fresh outlook brought about controversy among its oldest customers. Turning from stark white and earth tones to dark blue and dusty rosy colors, the place renewed environment even tastes different. This major change was conceived by Tamara Kaye-Honey, who has come to be well-known for a distinctive “new vintage” style. At the same time, the restaurant does not cease to amaze with its sophisticated treatment over seafood and specially selected wines from all over the globe.

4. Benu – Located in San Francisco

Opened in August 2010, Benu is currently in charge of the Korean Chef Corey Lee. This restaurant has been awarded several times since its early opening with three Michelin stars, four stars from the San Francisco Chronicle and the AAA Five Diamond Award. So much was the praise received by this bold enterprise that they were encouraged to publish a book on Lee’s inspirations and past menus. Its structural design goes hand in hand with the latest Asian architecture yet preserving a genuine and classical American outlook.

5. Baumé – Located in Palo Alto

Having received its second Michelin star for the first time in 2011, Baumé maintains its emphasis on minimalism. It is equipped with only five tables and gets by with a very tight schedule. This is a dining where only modern interpretations of French classis are celebrated alongside either six or eight courses tasting menus. Its most important highlight goes as far as a gentle treatment over dark colors with a subtle touch of orange, which enhances the place’s natural ability to combine with its surrounding environment.

Tips to Design Your Dining Room

Tips to Design Your Dining Room

Dining room gets a lot of attention as it is where you enjoy your daily meals as well as entertain your family and friends. It needs to be highly functional and well designed to fits your styles and needs. A well-designed dining room is likely to inspire you to dine there more often. However, if your dining room does not match your lifestyle, there is always other ways of improving the look. Here are some tips to design your dining room.

1. Choose your dining table carefully

Tips to Design Your Dining RoomThe dining is the primary furniture in the dining room and having a proportional table for your dining room is critical. Proportion is one of the golden rules in decoration and having well-scaled furniture brings a feeling of comfort and ease in your room. A good rectangle table should be about 36 inches wide and should be placed at a minimum of 30” and up to 48” from the wall to allow traffic flow. You can also have an oval space as it is very efficient shape since the rounded ends allow for less wasted spaces between diners. Ensure that you select the right table to ensure that it provide enough space to all the family members. It should also allow easy passing to dishes around the table.

2. User proper lighting

Having a good lighting plan highlights good decoration work and improves the mood as well as the emotional temperature in the room. Ensure that you chose the right types of lighting and install them correctly. One of the most common lighting in the dining room is the ambient lighting and the ceiling light that you normally switch on the first walk into the room to generally illuminate the room.

3. use matching colors in the room

Tips to Design Your Dining RoomWhile designing your room ensure that you adopt matching colors. Note that the color of your room plays a major role in developing an appetite. Some colors like orange, yellow, green and red tend to improve the mood and increases the appetite. These colors can also be used to create a lively atmosphere for dinner table conversations.

4. Accessorize

Tips to Design Your Dining RoomWall arts offer a great way of improving your dining room. Today’s market is full of a wide variety of ready to hang artwork that fit your design and color scheme. Mirrors can also be used to make space feel more expansive. Placing a sculptural bowl on a table when not in use and filling void corners of the dining room with a beautiful plant is a good trick, which can be used to anchor the room and make it more interesting.

5. Storage Space

Have a built-in cabinet in the dining room to store cutlery. This help to save space in the dining room as well give it a sophisticated look.

Final Verdict

Use the above tips to design attractive dining room and improve appetite for food as well as improve conversations. Make sure that the room is always clean. The cloth material used in the cleaning dining room should be spill-proof to ease maintenance and save time during cleaning.

Exterior Ceiling Fan Tips

Exterior Ceiling Fan Tips

When you are hanging out in the open air room, you could be asking yourself why get a fan? What many homeowners do not realize is the fact that exterior ceiling fans can do wonders for their decks, gazebos, or patios by moving around the stagnant summer air, in the same manner as the indoor fans. The good news is that the outdoor fans come in unique, eye-catching designs that will make the area stand out.

Choosing the right exterior ceiling fan for your patio or deck can be a bit confusing. To simplify the process, you could ask the following questions:

1. Will The Fan Be Well Covered? And What If It Is Exposed to Water or Moisture?

Exterior Ceiling Fan TipsIf the outdoor ceiling fan will be properly covered by the ceiling, and a few walls, consider getting a fan that is damp rated. This kind of fan will provide you with more options than the others. If there is a possibility that this fan will in any way be exposed to moisture or splashing of water, then you need a fan with a wet rating.

2. Are You Interested in Creating a Gentle Breeze or in Moving Lots of Air?

When you look at the exterior ceiling options, you will note that there are very many options available such on ceilingfancomparison.com there are many top rated outdoor ceiling fans available in the market; https://ceilingfancomparison.com/guide/. Some are powerful while others have been designed to move at a much slower pace. Normally, size is not the most important factor to consider. What determines how fast this motor will move will be its RPM (revolutions per minute) rating. It can also be influenced by the shape of the blade, pitch, and material used in its construction. If you want to know how fast a fan moves, ask to see it in action in the showroom.

3. The House is Close to an Ocean, Which Exterior Ceiling Fans Will Not Rust?

Homes located near the ocean will require different kinds of fans. These are fans that have been made using 316 marine grade stainless steel. These are fans that will not rust. Secondly, consider those fans that come with plastic or aluminum blades— this one will not rust as well. Lastly, check whether your preferred exterior fan has an anti-rust rating. There are fans that come with the rust color, and will, therefore, not rust.

4. Is It Possible to Find a Fan that Will Match the Décor in the House?

Today’s customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting fans. They can choose to select minimalist or simple fans, designer or modern fans, or go for the traditional exterior ceiling fan.

5. Which Size Is the Best for an Outdoor Area?

Exterior Ceiling Fan TipsAs is the case with all the other areas, there is always some flexibility when it comes to selecting the preferred fans. Standard sized fans are fifty-two inches. But there are others that are smaller or larger. You need to understand that a small fan will typically cover a very small area.

When looking at size, there are two determinants to consider:

  • Will the fan be placed directly above the area being used?
  • How big is the entire area?6. What Differentiates Damp, Dry, and Wet Rated Fans? Outdoor fans have a rating which indicates whether they can safely be used in external places. This UL rating will indicate the total amount of water that a fan can safely be exposed to:
  • Dry Rated Ceiling Fan—this type of fan is not intended for use outside the house.
  • Damp Rated Fan—it can be used in outdoor areas that are covered. It can handle the moisture

present outside, so long as it does not get into direct contact with water.

  • Wet Rated Fan—it can be used in all external areas as it is weather resistant when you have a good understanding the fans UL rating, you now have an idea on which fan is best for you, and how to go about choosing the best fan.